A success story

Who We Are

Flash Dispatch was ideated with the end goal of making the process of dispatch stress-free for the owners. After working with various customers,we encountered real-time hurdles companies face regarding dispatching. This includes operational costs, lack of trained human resources, load planning and booking, and a tone of administrative protocols. This called for a growing need for a reliable and effective dispatching service that acts as a mediator and resolves the hurdles for the owner. A significant loophole we tackled was the gap between trucking companies that owned fleets and the technical resources required to do dispatching. These companies rarely have access to well-trained employees who can efficiently dispatch, resulting in high operational costs and a fair share of risk.

Our service plays a pivotal role here as we fill this gap by taking up all the technical and office work. This leaves the clients with just one task – getting their load rolling on the roads while we take care of everything at the backend! Our team believes in an organized workflow focusing on streamlining the dispatch process. By carrying out a thorough market and area analysis, we promise lucrative loads and an optimum dispatch duration. This is followed by constant monitoring of the load and trucks while on the road until the point of invoicing. At every stage of the process, our company provides premium service, so our clients end up with a seamless dispatch journey!

  • Mission

    We aim to provide a smooth dispatch experience to our clients by keeping their drivers rolling and managing all their logistical formalities.

  • Vision

    We deliver quality and reliable dispatching service aimed to meet the present and future transportation requirements across industries.

  • Values

    A unique mix of Synergy, Transparency, Reliability & Excellence.