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Flash Dispatch Services provides dispatching services to carriers and owner-operators in the US. We have a team of specialized dispatchers who book optimum loads for the drivers according to their preferences. Over the years, we have built a good relationship with America’s top brokers, which enables us to book loads even before they hit the load boards!

Our unique combination of experience, service, and technology allows us to provide dispatch services that offer high reliability while remaining cost-effective.


We believe in pooling our resources and expertise to generate efficacy, value, and performance for our clients.


We believe in frequent communication with our clients, so they know the load being hauled and freight details at every step.


We value the trust that our clients invest in us and operate with integrity to provide the most reliable service.


Our systematic approach and processes work towards ensuring a quality dispatch experience.

Dispatch Workflow

We work with innovative methodologies to ensure that the entire dispatch process is done from start to finish as planned.


Market Analysis

We analyze conditions for supply & demand before sending our drivers to any market. We see where we will have the most negotiating leverage, anticipate changes in rates, and get advanced 7-day forecasts of future conditions.


Load Planning

We take the drivers’ hours of service into consideration and match them with the pickup and drop-off times for an available load to make sure that the load is delivered efficiently.


Load Booking

Once we are confident to send our drivers to a specific market/region, we take advantage of our precious relations with the top freight brokers and take responsibility to make sure that we provide our carriers with lucrative loads and book them in optimum time.


Driver Support

Once the trucks are on the road, there is always a need to constantly monitor them and make sure the delivery operations are as streamlined as possible. Our trained dispatchers make sure that the drivers don't have to worry about petty problems they face on the road while carrying out their part of the job.



Our dedicated team takes care of the paperwork and requirements of the factoring companies so that our clients get their money on time.

What we do

We offer a full range of equipment types.


A flatbed trailer is typical open deck equipment that has no roof or sides. It is mainly used for transporting heavy, oversized, wide, and indelicate goods


A refrigerated, or “reefer” trailer is a heavily insulated and tightly sealed container that has a Trailer Refrigeration Unit, to control the temperature inside the trailer.

Dry Van

Dry vans provide a huge benefit to clients across the United States, keeping their goods and safe and sound while they are out on the roads. With protection from wind, rain and other elements, dry van units and drivers make an enormous contribution to the logistics operations that power our country.

Power Only

Power-only trucking is a full truckload capacity solution that occurs when a carrier provides only a driver and a tractor.

Hot Shot

A hotshot truck is usually a medium-duty truck that pulls flatbed trailers and is used to haul smaller, more time-sensitive LTL loads.

Box Truck

A box truck, also known as a box van or a bob truck, is a chassis cab truck with an enclosed cuboid-shaped cargo area.

Step Deck

A step deck trailer is designed to carry cargo that is too tall to go on a flatbed truck. A step deck truck can help you haul loads without having to obtain special permits for exceeding the legal height limit.

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